Meet some of our Members and learn of their interests. 

Brian Cockayne


The current president,  Brian has sheds on the grounds containing his collections. His passion is vintage International tractors and is developing an interest in steam engines. (Rumour has it that there is a very large steam engine about to find it’s way into one of his sheds). He also loves hunting and travelling in the outback. He operates a portable sawmill and works as a house mover. He has travelled to the USA and New Zealand competing in shooting sports. An enthusiastic and energetic  president, Brian has been responsible for relocating and constructing many of the buildings on the club grounds.

John Brown


John’s main interest is steam and his traction engine can be seen running around the club grounds at rallies. He has a shed at the club grounds displaying steam driven engines and workshop equipment. He also has oil engines, an antique barbed wire collection, a classic Studebaker car and is interested in models of steam railways.

Pam Lock


Pam has always had an interest in old engines. Her father Jack Taylor was very involved in the hobby and Pam together with husband Phillip maintain the interest. Pam collects old things such as separators and butter churns. She is also interested in horses and has competed in stock horse shows. She and Phil like to travel and go camping. They can often be seen at engine rallies.

Patrick Stuart

Junior Member

Patrick is in year 7 at Warrnambool College. He has two sisters; Matilda who is 3 years younger and Emerson who is 11 years his junior.

Patrick’s main interests are model boats, old engines and BMX.

Patrick became interested in the radio controlled model boats through coming to the club with his grandfather to fiddle with old engines and coming to the club gives him a break away from home. One club member and model boat owner gave him a go sailing a model boat and then his Pop bought him a boat for Christmas.